FounderSociety is an invitation-only organization comprised of ambitious founders and business owners.

FounderSociety is the co-founder that I never had and connected me with the most brilliant entrepreneurs I know.

Jacques Bastien
Founder, boogie

FounderSociety helped me connect with fellow entrepreneurs in my new city, making it feel right at home.

Rachel Hofstetter
Founder, guesterly

Helps me connect with founders of incredible companies and we inevitably become good friends or collaborate on projects.

Ben Maitland-Lewis
CEO & Co-Founder,

It's a pleasure to be part of FounderSociety. It provides a community of entrepreneurs like me to have conversations whether it is through their Facebook group or at events.

Ariel Sultan
Co-Founder, Food Guru

...on a mission to take community management to the next level-- and are proving that their concierge-level approach could mean the end for old-school professional organizations.

Exclusive FounderSociety Benefits

Knowledge Share & Networking

Get peer insight and advice anytime through our highly engaged, 24/7 online support forums. Connect with your peers to share expertise, learn from each other and solve business challenges in a private setting. With the help of our team and tools, you get the answers you need when you need them.

Dedicated Concierge Team

When you become a member of FounderSociety, we want you to think of our team as an extension of your own. From personal introductions to peers to curated-resource connections, our concierge team is committed to serving your every business need and challenge.

Volume Discounts On Business Services

FounderSociety vets hundreds of business service providers to save members time and money. Through our network of trusted vendors, members receive volume discounts and exclusive rates on health insurance, marketing tools, back-office services and more.

Professional Development

FounderSociety members can get insight and advice on their biggest challenges anytime through our highly engaged 24/7 online support forums. In addition, they can ask our dedicated concierge team to help them find like-minded contacts when they’re traveling.

Travel Benefits & Workspace Network

Members receive access to FounderSociety Travel — our internal travel agency that provides concierge-level service and steep discounts on airfare and hotels — as well as FounderSociety Workspace, our national network of top-tier, discounted co-working spaces and conference rooms.

Members-Only Tools

Your members-only web and mobile dashboards will help you stay connected to the community and our team, enable you to request introductions to fellow members and provide you with on-demand access to all of your FounderSociety benefits.

Members-Only Discounts
From Top Providers

The founding team behind FounderSociety has been recognized by media outlets worldwide.

...on a mission to take community management to the next level-- and are proving that their concierge-level approach could mean the end for old-school professional organizations.

...cult legends in the community building world

...most influential superconnectors impacting industries worldwide.

...the top superconnectors in business

FounderSociety Is A Highly Selective,
Quality-Over-Quantity Organization.

Founder & business owners

In order to qualify for FounderSociety membership, the candidate must be an entrepreneur (under 40 at the time of application) on the founding team of an existing business venture - or past business venture that they have successfully exited from.

High growth potential

We look for early stage businesses with high-growth potential. The typical FounderSociety candidate has either a minimum of $100K annual revenue and/or has secured a minimum of $100K in financing for their current venture(s).

Awards & Recognition

We look for founders whose success in a given industry has been recognized by reputable organizations (e.g., Inc. 30 Under 30, Forbes 30 Under 30, Crains 40 Under 40, Business Journals 40 Under 40, Entrepreneur 30 Under 30, et al.).

Community Impact

We want our members to be as passionate about giving back to the entrepreneurship ecosystem as we are. We seek out members who have exemplified true leadership in the startup community by giving back through volunteering, investing, donating and mentoring.

Do you qualify?

Before we can connect you with a member of our team to further discuss FounderSociety, we must verify that you fit the following criteria:

  • Be 40 or younger
  • be founder, or co-founder, owner or co-owner your business
  • generate a minimum of $100,000 in revenue, or...
  • have a minimum of $100,000 in financing
  • own a business with headquarters or an office located in North America
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FounderSociety Was Created By Entrepreneurs For Entrepreneurs. This Is Our Story…

Our story begins in 2010, when co-founders Scott Gerber and Ryan Paugh first launched Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only brain trust that brought together some of the country’s most elite entrepreneurs 40 and under. Gerber, a serial entrepreneur recognized as one of the top superconnectors in business by Fast Company, wanted to create a vetted group of entrepreneurs in order to facilitate smarter connections to the people and resources they needed -- something he wished he’d had while building his first companies. Paugh, whose work building communities like Brazen Careerist led Mashable to dub him a “cult legend” in the online community-building world, helped set the tone of trust and reciprocation that defines YEC today.

Fueled by word-of-mouth referrals from some of North America’s top young founders, applications poured in. Of more than 16,000 received to date, fewer than 10 percent have been accepted.

YEC’s extraordinary growth showed us we were onto something -- elite young founders wanted more from a membership organization. Better, faster access to each other; smarter technology; a highly curated member list; and a community management team that works like an extension of their own.

More importantly, founders referred their closest friends and colleagues because of the incredible outcomes they experienced. Many members launched new companies together as partners. They helped each other navigate critical business issues over coffee or a confidential call after our concierge team made a warm intro. And nearly all our members took advantage of our ability to save them hours of research (and potential disappointment) by connecting them to service providers that had already been vetted by the community.

After talking to thousands of professionals over the years, it was clear that these outcomes aren’t something just young entrepreneurs want. Our approach could be carefully adapted and customized to serve other professionals who would benefit from a community built to help them grow.

With FounderSociety, we’re taking the next step and realizing our vision for a better kind of community. Think of it as a reboot of the professional organization for the next generation. Simply put, we believe in providing a concierge-level experience to connect you to the right people and resources you need, exactly when you need it.

The team behind FounderSociety has been featured in hundreds of publications for their community management expertise.

Benefits of Membership

Thousands of
Travel Discounts

24/7 Peer
Support Forums

Members-Only Web
and Mobile Dashboards

Media Exposure
& Content Syndication

Trusted, Vetted
Peer Community


Access to Affordable
Healthcare Options

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Free Personal Website
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Virtual Speaker
Series and Webinars

Volume Discounts & Expense

Private Events at
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